My Silver Crown

The Sur-Mesure by SILVER*CROWN

Welcome in the SILVER*CROWN univers. To own a SILVER*CROWN bridle is being convinced that nice product is still synonym of quality and longevity. It’s also thinking that luxury does not have to be “bling bling”. Our workshop are able to make a specific bridle or accessories for our clients. Be different, dare the Silver*Crown attitude

tetiere doha

tet la baule

tet comporta

tetiere arrezp

The tailor mades by SILVER*CROWN starts by creating your own bridle according to your desire and requirements. Personnalize your bridle thanks to a choice of 4 headpieces , with or without rivets, 15 nosebands, 5 sortss of reins and 3 colors. There are more than 200 assortments possible!


In the same spirit, keeping the quality and style of SILVER*CROWN we can also make a unique article or a limited edition according to your specific requirements. It can be an adaptation of a current SILVER*CROWN article (size, leather color, stitching color…) or the creation of a new model.
Do not hesitate to ask your SILVER*CROWN resaler close to your place or you can contact us thanks to the contact form to know the processing time and price.